A large industrial plant with pipes and valves.

Integrating best-in-class, proven technologies from across the globe, we have designed a facility that will be energy-independent while at the same time providing a valuable service to the community. We believe our facility can be replicated throughout the nation and the world.


The gaseous by-products of the ethanol production process will be captured and transformed into syngas, which can be used to produce electricity for the facility and sold to the local utility company. Even the wastewater from our process will be captured, filtered, and converted to clean energy using a proprietary Water-to-Energy System. This process, which harnesses and cleans the wastewater, will create enough renewable energy to self-sustain both the ethanol and recycling plants at Synergy Solutions. In addition, it will eliminate contaminated

A cart with many pipes on it

wastewater that would otherwise be sent to sewage treatment facilities and provide clean water to be reused by our facility or by local farmers to irrigate their land.


Fiberizer technology will be another source of renewable energy and a positive addition to the recycling plant at Synergy Solutions. This technology will more easily separate and clean recyclables, create a valuable fiber full of sugar to be processed into fuel-grade cellulosic ethanol, and create biomass fiber for the gasification system. By dramatically reducing waste volume with our proprietary systems, we extend the life span of landfills and promote environmental and economic sustainability.


Our waste recycling plant will utilize state-of-the-art Gasification Technology to process the remaining biomass, now free of recyclables, to create additional syngas energy and multiple by-products, including bio-char, which is commonly used as a fertilizer.